Speeding up Speaking in your Nonverbal Kid

There is nothing that feels as bad as seeing that your child is dragging themselves in speech or other child activities while other kids are catching up quite well and doing themselves at lightening speed. But this is what most parents who have autistic kids have to put up with every day. Their kids do not smile while others are giggling. They will not respond when their parents call them or even show any emotions when they are played with.

Autistic kids will tend to play alone and avoid social interaction. They suffer from mind blindness where they show no empathy or concern to others. So as a parent, you are highly likely to wonder what is wrong with your child and you will be running helter skelter trying to understand them. But most of all you will show frustration. You will want to ask God so many questions because you feel that you got lemons while all the other people were getting oranges. Some of the things that your child will mostly struggle with is verbal communication and social interaction. So what do you do?

  1. Use toys that have audio

When they master a few words, you can go ahead and remove the batteries that are powering up the speakers so that the child can start communicating on their own.

2. Take them to a day care where they meet other kids

Taking your kid to a daycare where they are talked to and see other kids speaking can make them feel the need to catch up with the others.

3. Speak to them

You are the best toy for your child and so you should be key in playing with them as speaking to them whenever the opportunity presents itself.